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Training seminars 2018
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How to draw up a research project in health sciences

  • Donostia, September, 20-21 (Coming soon)
  • Granollers, October, 17-18 (Coming soon)
  • Palma de Mallorca, December, 13-14 (Coming soon)


How to write a scientific article. Online edition

  • April, 3 (Coming soon)
  • October, 1 (Coming soon)


How to perform oral presentations in biomedicine

  • Terrassa, March, 6-7
  • Castellón, June, 22-23 de junio (Coming soon)
  • Donostia, September, 20-21 de septiembre (Coming soon)


Scientific communication: Getting started Writing & Speaking

  • Córdoba, May, 14-15 (Coming soon)
  • Alicante, June, 13-14 (Coming soon)


Developing skills in scientific writing

  • Santiago de Compostela, September, 25-26 (Coming soon)


How to improve your scientific presentations

  • Valencia, April, 4-5
  • Salamanca, May, 30-31 (Coming soon)
  • Santiago de Compostela, September, 27-28 (Coming soon)


The scientist with the media

  • Madrid, November (Coming soon)


How to disseminate your research project in a 60″ video


Problem Based Learning in biomedical teaching

  • Málaga, June, 20-21 (Coming soon)
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