9th edition – Barcelona, February, 21-22 2017

On 21 and 22 February 2017, the course El científico ante los medios de comunicación (The scientist and the media) was held at the Sant Cugat TVE studios, for scientists to gain an in-depth view of an editorial staff. Once again organized by the Esteve Foundation, Indagando TV, the CSIC and the Instituto RTVE, this two-day experience enabled scientists to learn the… 2017

Escepticemia.Una mirada escéptica sobre la salud y la información

"Sceptics are people who, far from accepting everything they are told, have doubts. They analyse data assessing how they were obtained, they seek counterexamples, revise efficacy, examine compatibility with other generally established principles and the consequences of their application. They do not accept the principle of authority or tradition, but the principle of proof". This… 2016

Session on biostatistics for journalists and communicators to be held at Universidad de Valencia

If interpreting statistics or results of research is often complicated for health professionals, the task can be much more arduous for journalists involved in scientific information. To shed a little light on some basic concepts and to discuss the problems which biomedical reporters usually face when understanding statistical data, the Session on biostatistics for journalists… 2015