Aula El País: Lluís Quintana-Murci, de l’Institut Pasteur (París)

As part of the current presentation of The Genographic Project, a study sponsored by National Geographic and IBM is attempting to trace the human migration routes throughout history. Sitting astride anthropology and genetics, this is high-scale research: for five years, ten laboratories worldwide will work together with the same methodology to analyze more than 100,000 DNA samples… 2005

One-day meeting on biomedical journalism (2005)

“A reflection on the position of biomedical journalism today.” This sentence could summarize the philosophy of the last meeting organized by the Esteve Foundation in collaboration with the Observatory of Scientific Communication of the Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona. The meeting was held last 7th of October in S’Agaró, Girona, and was divided in three… 2005

Aula El País: Ana Cuenda, from Dundee University (Scotland)

Born more than thirty years ago with the purpose of overshadowing the United States, it is apparently achieving its objective. The EMBL –the European Molecular Biology Laboratory headquartered in Heidelberg– is presently one of the reference research centers in Europe. Eighty-five percent of the scientists that have worked in its premises have decided to pursue their… 2005