9ª edición - Reus, 14 y 15 de marzo de 2007

9th edition – Reus, March 14-15 2007

The ninth edition of the seminars on How to write a scientific paper was held in the Rovira i Virgili’s University Foundation (Reus, Tarragona, Spain), Mars, 14-15 2007. These seminars on this topic are targeted to postgraduates in health sciences with the aim to improve their knowledge and skills to write and publish scientific papers. Dr. Esteve…


2nd edition – Madrid, March, 1 2007

After six courses directed to new incorporations into Clinical Research Ethics Committees (CREC), one step forward was deemed appropriate. This time, the contents were customized to fit active members of committees that work specifically in the field of cancer research. The objective was to update the main aspects involved in the assessment of cancer clinical trials…