11th edition – Tenerife, April, 14-15 2010

When speaking in front of an audience, only 15% of what actually reaches the public corresponds to the spoken message. In contrast, more than half the information retained by listeners lies in nonverbal communication. Indeed, the lecturer’s posture, gesture and eye gaze tell a lot more on how he/she feels than mere words. These courses… 2010

17th edition – Terrassa, March, 16-17 2010

The 17th edition of these training seminars to provide the basic skills and techniques to write and publish scientific articles in health sciences was held on March 16-17 2010 at Mutua Terrassa (Catalonia, Spain). Esteve Fernandez, editor of Gaceta Sanitaria, and Ana Maria Garcia, editor of Archives of Occupational Risk Prevention, conducted some thirty students the methodology of… 2010

6th edition – Valencia, February, 16-17 2010

The European Higher Education Area, better known as the Bologna Plan, is a major challenge for university teachers. The new system places the student at the center of the teaching process, emphasizing self-directed learning where the student is the protagonist and not merely passive recipient of knowledge. The new teaching methods, among which can be found… 2010