43rd edition – Donostia, October, 24-25 2017

The 43rd edition of these training seminars to provide the basic skills and techniques to write and publish scientific articles in health sciences was held on October 24-25 2017 at the Hospital Universitario de Donostia, in collaboration with the Colegio Oficial de Biólogos de Euskadi. Esteve Fernandez, editor of Gaceta Sanitaria from 2004 to 2010,… 2017

6th edition – Donostia, October, 24-25 2017

Audiovisual format is becoming increasingly more important both in obtaining resources for research and for scientific dissemination, particularly if it reaches the target public in an attractive, contemporary and understandable way. This new course from Fundación Esteve intends to set the basis on how to communicate scientific projects by recording and editing short, simple and…