Vaccination is a way to activate the immune system and prevent serious illness and even death. Vaccines teach our body how to defend against an invasion by pathogens. In this second Science Café on Immunology, attendees discussed how vaccines work, their safety, and if some of them should be mandatory to ensure public health.

The Science Café on Vaccines, again organized by the Catalan Society of Immunology in collaboration with the Esteve Foundation and a team of young researchers BIOcomuniCA’T, was held on February 9th, 2012 at Café Carmelitas, Barcelona. The meeting was open to the public and included the following experts:

Dr. Pere Joan Cardona Iglesias
Head of the Experimental Tuberculosis Unit, Germans Trias i Pujol Institute, Badalona

Dra. Montserrat Plana Prades
Researcher in the Infectious Diseases and HIV Research Group, IDIBAPS, Barcelona

Dr. José María Bayas Rodríguez
President of the Spanish Association of Vaccinology, Adult Vaccination Center,Hospital Clínic, Barcelona