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The Interuniversity Network of Teaching Innovation in Pharmacology constitutes an initiative of more than five years created to provide a common space where to share and exchange teaching experiences in this area. This includes research results and the material elaborated in different aspects of teaching innovation used in the teaching-learning process in Pharmacology in different degrees / postgraduate courses in Health Sciences. The network is coordinated by Professors M. Luisa Ferrándiz, Dolores Ivorra and Pilar D’Ocón, from the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Valencia and brings together more than fifty professors from different Spanish universities.

The network receives funding from the Vice-Rector’s Office for Training Policies and Educational Qualities at the University of Valencia. From the network, a common Moodle platform has been created to exchange teaching experiences and annual conferences are organized to facilitate the exchange of information among its participants. This year, as a consequence of the special situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, this conference has been organized in an online format, which has allowed the participation of a large number of university professors. The conference took place during the afternoon of Tuesday 14 and the morning of Wednesday July 15, 2020. The Dr. Antoni Esteve Foundation participated in the conference with the presentation of a project to evaluate the skills acquired through the How courses write a scientific article.