How can hospitals combine daily practice with research and teaching? What is the model to be followed? What kind of investigations should be carried out within the clinical environment? What are the barriers encountered by research in a healthcare center? These are some of the questions raised in this one-day meeting organized by the Esteve Foundation last 18th of November in Barcelona. In an attempt to answer these and other questions and to share their experiences, the meeting was attended by clinical researchers and research directors from different Spanish hospitals.

The meeting was divided in three different sessions. In the first place, Agustín Gómez de la Cámara, from the Hospital 12 de Octubre of Madrid, moderated the first discussion topic: how assistance and research should be made compatible. After the debate, Lluís Blanch, from the Hospital Parc Taulí of Sabadell, led a session on research management models. Finally, both moderators conducted the last section, where the most outstanding issues were debated and final conclusions were drawn. These conclusions will be included in the next number of the Esteve Foundation Booklets.