In Barcelona, on the 24th May, 2011, the Esteve Foundation presented the second volume of the Notebook on Catalan Medical Eponomy, which brings together 33 new biographies of Catalan doctors that have given their name to a specific medical term. The book launch took place during the awards of Academy of Health and Medical Sciences of Catalonia and Baleares, among whom was present the Minister of Health of the Catalan Government, Boi Ruiz, and the president of the Academy, Àlvar Net.

Following the publication of the first volume in 2004, Josep-Eladi Bañosand Elena Guardiola, from the Departament of Health and Experimental Sciences at Pompeu Fabra University, have returned to investigate some of the most important eponyms that have arisen in medicine in Catalonia and which the Annals of Medicine has published in the section Sense amnesia (No Amnesia).

The authors presented the book during the Academy’s ceremony withXavier Bonfill, director of Annals of Medicine, and Felix Bosch, director of the Esteve Foundation. Everyone attending the presentation received a free copy of Notebook on Catalan Medical Eponomy II.