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What are drugs? What parts are they made of? What types of drugs can we find? The Dr. Antoni Esteve Foundation and Funbrain have launched workshops that, through play, seek to bring the world of drugs closer to middle and upper cycle students. In the case of the 3rd and 4th Primary students, the sessions seek to reflect on the correct use of antibiotics. Through experimentation, participants make an effervescent antacid medication. Regarding the 5th and 6th grade Primary students, the workshops focus on the importance of vaccines, which culminate in the encapsulation of a medication.

All workshops make a general introduction about what a drug is, the parts it has, what it is for, the different forms a drug can have and what information can be found in the box and the package leaflet. At the end of the workshop, children review the main concepts of active ingredient and excipient, some pharmaceutical form, when to take drugs and, in the case of each cycle, a question about antibiotics or vaccines.

The Dr. Antoni Esteve Foundation and Funbrain medicine workshops took place during the second semester of 2019 and the first semester of 2020 in different schools throughout Catalonia.