Periodismo Científico: un Simposio Internacional

The increasing demand for information in today’s society has reached every area of knowledge. This obviously includes science, which should be able to respond with utmost efficacy and rigor. On May 30, 1990, the Esteve Foundation organized an international symposium on scientific journalism at the Association of Journalists of Catalonia, which gathered scientists, journalists and… 1990

Dose-response relationships in clinical pharmacology

The third international symposium organized by the Esteve Foundation was held on October 12-15, 1988 in Majorca and focused on dose-response relationships in clinical pharmacology. This finding, i.e. a clear relationship between the dose or concentration of a drug and a given effect, is considered to be a reliable way of attributing the action of… 1988

Drug-protein binding

The first international symposium organized by the Esteve Foundation, held on October 15-17, 1984, was born with the purpose of reuniting several experts on drug-protein binding in order to discuss the biological bases and the biochemical mechanisms of binding, as well as their involvement in a number of diseases. Indeed, the different degree of binding… 1984