El cómic como recurso didáctico en los estudios de Medicina

Although this tool is practically unknown in our country, comic has been used for years overseas, as a teaching resource in Medical studies. Prestigious centres like Johns Hopkins University of Baltimore, in the United States, have not only used it for a long time in their medical schools, but even organize international congresses on comic.… 2016

II Film and Bioethics Cycle

Watch movies and discuss bioethics with filmmakers and other experts. That's the proviso of the new edition of the film cycle held every summer in Madrid's Matadero venue, which uses the films and the conflicts of their protagonists to spark discussions on bioethics. Organized by the Francisco Vallés Institute of Clinical Ethics, in collaboration with… 2016

The Foundation at the FetalMed-PhD Summer School

The Dr. Esteve Foundation was invited to the 2nd FetalMed-PhD Summer School, organized as a satellite prior to the 15th World Congress in Fetal Medicine, which took place on 25 June 2016 at the Palma de Mallorca Auditorium . This year the initiative was coordinated by the R&D Fetal Medicine Research Center of IDIBAPS, Hospital… 2016

Dr. Esteve Foundation grants for medical translation

The Dr. Esteve Foundation , under a collaboration agreement with the Cosnautasplatform, announces the concession in 2016 of three grants for doctors and scientists interested in medical translation. These three complete grants are to attend the fourth edition of the summer course, Problems, methods and the latest questions in medical translation from the Universidad Internacional…

2nd edition – Donostia, June 28-29 2016

Problem-Based Learning (PBL) is a learning method in line with the directives of the creation the European Higher Education Area and the approach of the Bologna Declaration, which require that the teaching-learning process facilitates the development of skills, so that students are more autonomous in managing learning. This teaching-learning process focusing on the student, underlines… 2016

Definición de prioridades en las políticas de salud

What priorities should a government have in its health policies? Twelve experts in public health provide Spanish politicians with a roadmap to draw up the most effective policy in improving public health. Coordinated by the ex-director general of public health Ildefonso Hernández and published by the Esteve Foundation, the book Definición de prioridades en las políticas…

6th edition – Salamanca, June, 14-15 2016

If drawing up a research project to obtain funds used to be an important part in the career of all scientists, in view of today's economical situation, this process has become essential. The Esteve Foundation therefore decided to organize a new course addressed to future health science researchers, to learn the techniques and basic skills… 2016