Health Conversations: Anna Fàbregas

It is estimated that one in five boys or girls are affected by different forms of sexual violence. In what context do these abuses occur? How can they be prevented? How to accompany their victims? How should society approach them? The Health Conversations of El Periódico and the Dr. Antoni Esteve Foundation will take place…


Alcina A. Conceptos y términos para una pandemia. Panace@. 2022;23(55):113-115.

Review prepared by Amparo Alcina, from the Jaume I University, in the Panace@ magazine on the Multilingual Dictionary of covid-19. Five-cents terms to understand the pandemic, published in 2022 by the Dr. Antoni Esteve Foundation and TERMCAT with the coordination of M. Antònia Julià, Elisabet Serés and Fèlix Bosch. Read the article


Young people want science on TikTok

Left behind are the times where TikTok was nothing more than a hurricane of viral dances. Its’ve learned to grow up, leaving behind the idea that is just a platform to gain exposure, for the sake of it; likes without content. Right know it has become an opportunity melting pot. Obviously, the entertainment remains but…

¿Hay gravedad en Marte?

La gravedad es propia de los cuerpos que tienen masa MARINA DÍAZ MICHELENA| Artículo original La gravitatoria es una de las fuerzas fundamentales de la naturaleza, junto con la fuerza nuclear débil, la fuerza nuclear fuerte y la fuerza electromagnética. La gravedad es propia de los cuerpos que tienen masa. Como Marte la tiene, obviamente, allí…