Bosch F, Morales P, Lucena MI, Baños JE. El reto de los cursos de formación para miembros de comités éticos de investigación clínica. Rev And Pat Digest 2005; 28:14-20

his article, published by the journal Revista Andaluza de Patología Digestiva, summarizes the experience of the initiation seminars on how Clinical Research Ethics Committees (CREC) operate, organized by the Esteve Foundation since 2001. These courses have been held throughout Spain on six occasions, with a total of 146 attendants. The main problems suffered by CRECs… 2005

González R. (coord.). Documento sobre Mujeres y ciencia. 2004

Even though women represent 59% of all bachelors degrees, they only account for 12.8% of the professors of Spanish universities; institutions like the Royal Academy of Jurisprudence and Legislation, or the Catalan Foundation for Research, have no women in their staffs; there is not one single female professor of Pediatrics or Gynecology and Obstetrics in… 2004