Marcovitch H, et al. Conflict of Interest in Science Communication: More than a Financial Issue. Report from Esteve Foundation Discussion Group. Croat Med J. 2010; 51:7-15

A systematic review and meta-analysis suggests that around 2% of scientists admit to have falsified research at least once. Up to 33% admit other questionable practices as plagiarism, duplicate publication, undisclosed changes in pre-research protocols or dubious ethical behaviour. There can be no doubt that discovered cases of research and publication misconduct represent a tip… 2010

Mateu Orfila. Investigación y ciencia 2009; Agosto:96

The prestigious journal Investigación y ciencia, spanish edition of Scientific American, devoted the last page of the August issue of 2009 to the Esteve Foundation Notebook Entre la ciencia y el crimen: Mateu Orfila y la toxicología en el siglo XIX. 2009