Ferré S, Casadó V, Devi L, Filizola M, Jockers R, Lohse M, Milligan G, Pin JP, Guitart X. G Protein?Coupled Receptor Oligomerization Revisited: Functional and Pharmacological Perspectives. Pharmacol Rev. 2014; 66:413?434[Camp rebut correctament i traduit]

Los participantes en el Esteve Foundation Discussion Group sobre los heterómeros de receptores acaban de publicar en la prestigiosa revista Pharmacological Reviews una revisión con los puntos que se debatieron durante las jornadas de trabajo sobre la oligomerización de receptores acoplados a proteína G (GPCR), una línea de investigación cuyo potencial terapéutico se sigue explorando.…


The origins and shaping of modern anti-infective therapy

The germ theory of disease was initiated in the 19th century by Louis Pasteur. Lord Lister promoted the idea of antisepsis while Semmelweis focused on hand washing identifying the spread of infection by objects (in this case contaminated hands) moving from infected patient to uninfected ones. This gave the conceptual basis for infectious disease and its management and set the stage for development of modern anti-infective therapy, one of the major medical advances of the 20th century.


Pharmacotherapy Revisited

(CA) Els Pharmacotherapy Revisited recuperen en facsímil els documents que van jugar un paper de primer ordre en el desenvolupament de les diferents branques de l’especialitat mèdica, seleccionats per experts en les diferents disciplines. Els Pharmacotherapy Revisited es distribueixen de forma gratuïta a biblioteques universitàries i institucions científiques. A través d’aquesta pàgina web, també podrà demanar



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The content of Dr. Antonio Esteve’s Monographs is usually related with the submissions and discussions of the round tables organized by the Foundation. Some special issues gather other types of material, e.g. a pharmacologists’ glossary or a monograph on translation and language in medicine. The Dr. Antonio Esteve’s Monographs are distributed free of charge to university libraries…

Esteve Foundation Symposia

Esteve Foundation symposia are published by an independent publishing house, Elsevier, in a specially formatted collection which is on sale in scientific bookshops worldwide. While the Foundation obtains no profit on sales, a small number of copies is provided by the publishing house and distributed to the participants, to certain libraries and to scientists with…