Bioestadística para periodistas y comunicadores

If interpreting a statistic or research is often difficult for health professionals, the task can become be even more difficult for journalists reporting on science. In the field of health there is little certainty, everything is a possibility, and one of the basic functions of the reporter is to clearly explain this uncertainty. Precisely because…


El periodismo biomédico en la era 2.0

Approximately 4,000 layoffs and 70 closures of media organizations in 2012 alone. This is the bleak picture that currently faces journalists, according to the Federation of Journalists in Spain. These cutbacks in the media have also particularly affected biomedical journalists, a group that has traditionally been on the margins, who in recent years have witnessed…


Training Seminars

Seven different courses designed to enhance those skills that rarely are present in the official studies. 74 editions since 2001 in 28 cities of the Spanish geography. 40 collaborating institutions. This catalog presents all the Training seminars offered by the Esteve Foundation.   Full document Full document [wpdm id=13 type=”btn”]