Debates sobre periodismo científico. A propósito de la secuenciación del genoma humano: interacción de ciencia y periodismo

Science and journalism: two disciplines with a wide repercussion on society that parallel each other with different interests and objectives. However, when informational needs have them converge into one road called science journalism, their tortuous relationship becomes all the more evident. That is when two quite different languages –scientific and journalistic– cannot but come to…


González R. (coord.). Documento sobre Mujeres y ciencia. 2004

Even though women represent 59% of all bachelors degrees, they only account for 12.8% of the professors of Spanish universities; institutions like the Royal Academy of Jurisprudence and Legislation, or the Catalan Foundation for Research, have no women in their staffs; there is not one single female professor of Pediatrics or Gynecology and Obstetrics in…


Bosch F, Morales P, Lucena MI, Baños JE. Present and future of REC in Spain: the challenge of the training courses. Clin Exp Pharmacol Physiol 2004; 31:A81

From the training courses for members of Research Ethics Committees (RECs) organized by Esteve Foundation, several data and conclusions on the present situation of these committees in Spain were extracted. We analyzed the main problems and aspects to be improved on RECs (through the group-discussions during the seminars), the perceived need for this type of…


F. Bosch, J.E. Baños, S. Erill. Medical education beyond patient-physician relationship: an experience from the Esteve Foundation. Educación Médica 2004; 7:36, 47-48

ABSTRACT: It is universally accepted that medical education continues after leaving medical school and most would agree that the skills then acquired do include aspects not always contemplated during the school years. We present here the involvement of the Esteve Foundation on three different educational topics relevant to many graduates: a) Acquiring skills to serve…


Eponímia mèdica catalana

This is a new series Esteve Foundation Notebooks, where we want to edit several activities organized by the Esteve Foundation with different format and languages. In the first volume -published in Catalan-, there is a compilation about medical eponymous from Catalan authors. The original articles were previously published by Josep-Eladi Baños (Department of Experimental and Health…


Cancer pharmacodynamics and pharmacogenetics

In its fifth volume, the Esteve Foundation Series Pharmacotherapy revisited has gathered the facsimile edited main articles published between 1980 and 2000 on cancer pharmacokinetics and pharmacogenetics. Edited by William E. Evans and Mary V. Relling, from the Department of Pharmaceutic Sciences of the Hospital St. Jude Children of Memphis, United States, this compilation gathers in one single publication some of the most important advances reached in the field of cancer research and cancer patient treatment.