Training Seminars

Seven different courses designed to enhance those skills that rarely are present in the official studies. 74 editions since 2001 in 28 cities of the Spanish geography. 40 collaborating institutions. This catalog presents all the Training seminars offered by the Esteve Foundation.   Full document Full document [wpdm id=13 type=”btn”]


Manual de traducción inglés-español de protocolos de ensayos clínicos

The protocol is the detailed written record of the method used in clinical trial and it has a decisive influence on the study’s quality and reliability of results. Even though it is a scientific document, it is aimed at a wide range of readers, from the most specialized to the most general. Translation should involve…


Nuevas perspectivas en inmunoterapia

Stimulating the immune system for therapeutic purposes has become one of modern medicine’s most important challenges. The possibilities offered by immunotherapy are wide ranging, from the treatment of cancers and other diseases to the prevention of infections such as HIV or malaria. In a new Esteve Foundation Monograph, eleven experts from different fields and institutions…


Eponímia mèdica catalana II

An eponym (from the Greek, eponymos, meaning “appointed by” or “a because of”), according to Diccionario Enciclopédico de Medicina, is the name given to a disease, symptom, anatomical accident, intervention, etc., derived from the person who is credited with the discovery or description first. Following the publication of the first volume in 2004, Josep-Eladi Bañosand Elena Guardiola, from…