2021 Yearbook

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Catalan physicians’ contributions to medicine: a historical view through eponyms

In medicine, it is common to name physical symptoms, syndromes or diseases after those personalities who first described them. It is what is known as eponyms. For almost 20 years, the Dr. Antoni Esteve Foundation has compiled a hundred contributions from Catalan doctors to the history of medicine thanks to the work of doctors Elena…


Sabaté F. Ciència i llengua per al segle xxi: els Congressos de Metges i Biòlegs de Llengua Catalana. Annals de Medicina. 2021;104:113-115.

Article published in the journal Annals de Medicina by Ferran Sabaté on the subject of the online session The congresses of Catalan-speaking doctors and biologists. The past, the present and the challenges of the future, organized by the Dr. Antoni Esteve Foundation, the Catalan Society of the Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Medicine of Catalonia and the…

La ciencia impaciente durante la COVID-19

How have COVID-19 treatments and vaccines been reported in the midst of the news whirlwind and acceleration of science? Seven experts from the field of pharmacology, the publishing world and scientific journalism analyze the challenges and mistakes that have been made in communicating about drugs and vaccines during the current pandemic. They do it in…


2020 Yearbook

2020 no longer started well. A few days after the start of the year, on February 29, died Sergi Erill Sáez, a pioneer of clinical pharmacology in Spain and founding director of the Dr. Antoni Esteve Foundation. Together with my mother and my brothers, we started this non-profit institution in 1983 with the goal of…