Problem-Based Learning (PBL) is a learning method in line with the directives of the creation the European Higher Education Area and the approach of the Bologna Declaration, which require that the teaching-learning process facilitates the development of skills, so that students are more autonomous in managing learning. This teaching-learning process focusing on the student, underlines  self-directed learning, where the student  plays the leading role in the process and is not a passive receiver of teaching given by a professor.

The starting point of PBL is a case that enables students to develop explanatory hypotheses, to identify learning needs to better understand the problem and to meet the learning targets set by the institution. An additional step is to identify the principles related to the knowledge acquired, which can be applied to other situations.

The Esteve Foundation has wide experience in organizing training seminars in biomedical fields. Several previous courses also reaffirm its experience in PBL training.

This course aims to provide participants the opportunity of starting in Problem-Based Learning Strategy, and it is offered to everyone interested in starting this active teaching system.