This initiative goes way back. Such diverse degrees as medicine, social work and teaching give subjects on public health in their degree courses. Therefore in 2010, the Sociedad Española de Epidemiología (SEE)(Spanish Society of Epidemiology and the Sociedad Española de Salud Pública y Administración Sanitaria (SESPAS)(Spanish Society of Public Health and Health Administration) decided to unite criteria and agree on basic contents that should be covered in the degree courses concerned.

After an initial experience with the pharmacy degree, and another with the medicine degree, on 12 and 13 January, 2016 the process will continue its course at the Universidad de Córdoba, where around thirty professors representing different Spanish universities, will discuss in a monographic way, the competencies on public health that graduates should have in veterinary sciences. The intention is that on ending the workshop, a list of competencies and contents on public health will be drawn up, which all teaching programmes of public health taught in this degree, will be covered.

This is just one event of an ambitious programme coordinated by Mª Carmen Davó and Carmen Vives, of the Universidad de Alicante, which has been backed from the beginning by the Dr. Esteve Foundation. In 2010 and 2012, at the Menorca School of Public Health, the competences and basic contents of public health at general level were established, for medicine, pharmacy, nursing, human nutrition and dietetics, optics and optometry, social work, teaching, occupational therapy, dentistry and veterinary sciences.

The initiatives of both sessions were consolidated in 2013, with the creation of the Public Health Teaching Forum. This was conceived as a physical and virtual space for participation, discussion, generation of knowledge and group proposals, with the intention of improving teaching and training of future health professionals. Contents of public health in veterinary degree courses are also coordinated by Belén Huerta and Vicente Clemente, of the Universidad de Córdoba.<