On 21 and 22 February 2017, the course El científico ante los medios de comunicación (The scientist and the media) was held at the Sant Cugat TVE studios, for scientists to gain an in-depth view of an editorial staff. Once again organized by the Esteve Foundation, Indagando TV, the CSIC and the Instituto RTVE, this two-day experience enabled scientists to learn the work dynamics of the media and the key aspects of its operation. The aim is for scientists to learn how to handle situations that have become increasingly more frequent for health professionals, such as television interviews or press releases.

The course is given to a small group of 25 students, to work on radio and television news in real time, in radio and television studios. Scientists also have the opportunity of experimenting with a simulation of a press release, where they can put themselves in the shoes of different players involved, from the journalist covering the event, to the professional who has to face awkward questions.

Apart from audiovisual media, the course also explores other fields such as corporate communication, essential nowadays in all scientific institutions, documentaries and dissemination by Internet. Six active professionals, both in RTVE and in other media, show the group of scientists the key aspects of their work as journalists. Graziella Almendral, director of the scientific dissemination channel Indagando TV and coordinator of the course, presents the basic aspects of Television news, while Pablo Batista, director of the M80 Radio programme Arriba España, focuses on the characteristics of radio language.

Marc de Semir, director of communications of the Fundación Bertelsmann, is in charge of corporate communication, while social communication from public institutions is given by Jaime Pérez del Val, of the vice presidence of Scientific Culture and Organization of the CSIC. Adeline Marcos, of the SINC agency, takes on scientific contents in Internet and social networks. Lastly, Ana Montserrat Rosell, director of the dissemination programme tres14 of Channel 2, contributes her experience in documentaries.

This edition of El científico ante los medios de comunicación in Barcelona also received a special visit at the Sant Cugat TVE studios from the journalist Isidre Ramos and the participation of Pere Buhigas, director of the scientific programme Lab24 of the channel 24 horas, and Marta Càceres, presenter of Para todos La 2. The Esteve Foundation would like to thank Miguel Ángel Martín, Santiago Hernández and M. Carmen Franco, of the Instituto RTVE in Barcelona, for making this second edition at the Sant Cugat studios possible.