Medical and scientific novels are currently experiencing a moment of great popularity. The high number of professionals dedicated to research and health care, along with readers who want new literary settings, have meant that in recent years, this sort of novel has found its place among the public and is now in full development

The Esteve Foundation is collaborating with this new course, one of the range offered this summer by Universitat de Barcelona. The aim of the course is to study the medical and scientific novel, from the classical medical best sellers and narrative resources of scientific stories, to the function of medical literature as a source of scientific dissemination. The course also discuss the evident increase of space given by the media to aspects of scientific dissemination and the reasons, from a medical viewpoint, for the success of medical and scientific television series.

The keys to success of medical and scientific novels is held from 14 to 18 July from 9.30 am to 2 pm. 9.30 at the Edificio Histórico of the UB, with the following programme:

14/07/2014 at 9.30 am
1. Presentation of the course + The interest of doctors in writing literature
Josep-Eladi Baños Díez. Professor of the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences of Universitat Pompeu Fabra

12 noon
2. Is the humanist doctor in danger of extinction?
Julio Zarco Rodríguez

15/07/2014 at 9.30 am
3. Past, present and future of medicine and science in TV series
Toni Iturbe. Journalist and editor of the magazine “Qué Leer”, collaborator in the media

Jordi Carrión Gálvez. Professor of Contemporary Literature at the UPF and Writing Professor of Ateneu de Barcelona, writer, literary critic and expert in TV series.

12 noon
4. Evolution of the medical best seller
Juan Marí Palacín. Doctor, educational humanist in courses on medical literature

Sergio Vila Sanjuán Robert. Coordinator of the Cultura/s supplement of La Vanguardia, cultural journalist, essayist, novelist

16/07/2014 at 9.30 am
5. Narrative resources to construct a story
Eduard Márquez. Writer, professor in literary techniques at Escuela de Escritura del Ateneu Barcelonés and narrative workshops

12 noon.
6. Clinical cases of our medical literature
Sergi Doria Alburquerque. Cultural journalist, Doctor in Communication Sciences, professor of the UIC, expert in genre writing, author of studies on medical literature.

17/07/2014 at 9.30 am
7. Specific aspects of scientific stories. Practical examples
Amalia Lafuente Flo. Professor of the Faculty of Medicine of Universitat de Barcelona

12 noon
8. Science fiction and fiction on Science
Daniel Closa Autet. Researcher of the CSIC, writer, scientific disseminator

Miquel Barceló García. Professor of the Faculty of Computer Sciences of Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

Sonia Fernández-Vidal. Scientist, writer and scientific disseminator

18/07/2014 at 9.30 am
9. Voices of dissemination: literature as a means to disseminate science and medicine
Martí Domínguez Romero. Editor of the magazine “Mètode de divulgación científica de la UV”, Doctor in Biology from Universitat de València

Bibiana Bonmatí Recolons. Press Department of Universitat de Barcelona

Xavier Duran Escriba. Scientific journalist and director of the TV3 programme El medi ambient