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A balanced diet, moderate physical activity and emotional wellbeing are solidly established tenets for a healthy lifestyle in Western societies. However, an overwhelming body of scientific research supports the notion that quality sleep must be considered the fourth pillar of a healthy life. Sleep is an essential part of a person’s daily routine, enabling body and mind to recover and function optimally. Sleep consolidates memory, regulates mood, reduces anxiety and modulates other pathologies. Research has shown a negative association between low-quality sleep and happiness, personal and professional performance and worsening outcomes in concomitant diseases, yet there is a lack of awareness of its importance among the population.

An initiative of Biocat and “la Caixa” Foundation, this B·DEBATE is organized by the Global Observatory for Healthy Sleep, the Biomedical Research Institute of Lleida and AdSalutem Institute, and seeks to promote an open discussion between researchers, clinicians, social and cultural leaders and organizations, business and unions representatives, politicians and media, to raise awareness on the importance of quality sleep in health and disease. To accomplish this goal, this B·DEBATE will address pressing questions on sleep research and its impact on society. These include the use of big data and wearable technologies in sleep research, monitoring and policy making, the emerging role of informed patients in diagnosis and decision making, the multifaceted impact of sleep in productivity and economics, the important role of sleep as a comorbid condition in multiple diseases and the importance of sleep in understudied and vulnerable populations, such as infants and the elderly. The debate will close with a summary session on “Sleep for healthy ageing” assessing how research, analysis, training and dissemination initiatives can be leveraged to effect sociopolitical changes on the perception of quality sleep and sleep-related disorders.

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Thursday, October 18, 2018
08:45 Registration
09:00 Welcome 
9:30 SESSION 1. Sleep and big data
Chairpeople: Jordi de Batlle (Biomedical Research Institute of Lleida, Lleida) and Ivan Erill (University of Maryland Baltimore County, USA)
  Implications of genomics information for sleep
Simon Warby (Université de Montréal, Canada)
  Digital methods to adress sleep and its disorders
Mark Aloia (Pilips HealthTech, USA)
  Big data approach to sleep in the Catalonian population
Sandra Bertran (Biomedical Research Institute of Lleida, Lleida)
  Big data solutions for healthy sleep
Holger Woehrle (Sleep and ventilation center Blaubeuren/Lung Center Ulm, Germany)
  Roundtable discussion
  Coffee break and networking sponsored by Phillips
12:00 SESSION 2. Sleep: a public perspective
Chairpeople: Joan Escarrabill (Hospital Clínic, Barcelona) and Carmen Cabezas (Promoció de la Salut, Barcelona)
  Sleep in preindustrial eras
Jerry Siegel (University of California, Los Angeles, USA)
  Climate change and sleep
Javier Puertas (Spanish Sleep Society, Valencia)
  Sleep Smart City
Carlos Egea (Hospital Universitario Araba, Vitoria)
  Impact of societal norms on sleep
Salvador Cardús (Iniciativa per a la Reforma Horària, Barcelona)
  Roundtable discussion
14:00 Lunch and poster session
  Session summaries 
16:00 SESSION 3. Sleep economics
Chairpeople: Antoni Esteve (Ad Salutem, Barcelona) and David Gozal (University of Chicago, USA)
  European regulations and road safety
Joaquín Duran (Hospital Universitario Araba, Vitoria)
  Impact on a global scale: the business of sleep 
Oliver Smith (Telefónica Innovation Alpha, Barcelona)
  Sleep and industrial productivity
Manolis Kogevinas (Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal), Barcelona)
  Maximizing productivity through sleep interventions
David Gozal (University of Chicago, USA)
  Roundtable discussion
  Session summary
18:30 End of the session
Friday, October 19, 2018
8:45 Registration
9:00 SESSION 4. Sleep and disease
Chairpeople: Ferran Barbé (Biomedical Research Institute of Lleida, Lleida) and Lluís de Lecea (Stanford University, USA)
  Sleep and cardio-metabolism
Susan Redline (Harvard University, USA)
  Old problems, new diseases
Alex Iranzo (Hospital Clínic, Barcelona)
  Cancer and sleep
Ramón Farré (University of Barcelona, Barcelona)
  Personalized chronobiology: the future of Health Care
Mª Ángeles Rol (University of Murcia, Murcia)
  Roundtable discussion
  Coffee break and networking
12:00 SESSION 5. Sleep in vulnerable populations
Chairpeople: Xavier Soler (University of California, San Diego, USA) and Rafael Pelayo (Stanford Center for Sleep Sciences and Medicine, USA)
  Sleep in pregnancy and newborn
Mari Luz Alonso (Complejo Asistencial General Yagüe, Burgos)
  Sleep in teenagers & young adults
Leila Kheirandish-Gozal (University of Chicago, USA)
  Sleep and scholar performance
Oscar Sans (Ad Salutem, Barcelona)
  Healthy sleep habits across ages
Sonia Ancoli-Israel (University of California, San Diego, USA)
  Roundtable discussion
14:00 Lunch and poster session
  Session summaries
16:00 SESSION 6. Summary session: Sleep for healthy ageing
Chairpeople: Manuel Sánchez de la Torre (CIBERES; Biomedical Research Institute of Lleida, Lleida) and Marco Inzitari (Pere Virgili Health Park, Barcelona)
  Effect of circadian rhythms in health
Jamie Zeitzer (Stanford Center for Sleep Sciences and Medicine, USA)
  Diet and sleep
Manolis Kogevinas (Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal), Barcelona)
  Sleep and cognitive preservation
Mary Morrell (Imperial College London, UK)
  Sleep and athletic performance
Scott Kutscher (Stanford Medicine, USA)
  Roundtable discussion
  Final summary
18:30 Closing remarks and farewell