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The exceptional circumstances that we have had to live from the pandemic by Covid-19 and the confinement measures decreed by the Spanish government have forced us, like so many other institutions, to suspend or postpone the face-to-face activities scheduled for the months of March, April, May and, in all probability, also during the month of June. Courses such as The scientist before the media, which was to take place in RTVE studies in Catalonia on March 25 and 26, or the course Developing skills in scientific writing, which had to be held in the University of Girona on April 21 and 22 will be scheduled throughout the second semester of this unpredictable 2020.

To alleviate this absence of face-to-face activities and to be able to offer a telematic alternative to our users, the Dr. Antoni Esteve Foundation has decided to reinforce its online alternatives. On the one hand, the online version of our most veteran course, How to write a scientific article, has practically doubled the number of regular registrations and has advanced its start date to give a training option to all those who are at home and they want to know how to improve the publication of their results in a scientific journal.

On the other hand, this year we have also launched a course with the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya that is aimed at all those who wish to improve their skills in scientific writing in English. Writing for the biomedical sciences not only works the structure of the scientific article, but also provides tools to write scientific articles in a correct and adequate way, based on the principles of scientific writing in English: precision, simplicity, fluency and conciseness. The course started on March 11, days before the Spanish government decreed the state of alarm. From that moment, the Dr. Antoni Esteve Foundation expanded its scholarship offer for the benefit of a greater number of professionals.

Along with these two online training alternatives, the Dr. Antoni Esteve Foundation has also enhanced its wide and varied range of publications, which can be downloaded free of charge through its internet portal Books that range from the most purely pharmacological content to proposals for scientific dissemination for all audiences, as well as different training manuals, and that can help alleviate these days of forced confinement.

At the Dr. Antoni Esteve Foundation we continue to work from home to be able to develop new online projects, new publications, and to prepare the next face-to-face activities, always according to the recommendations of the health authorities.