Casino G, Serés E, Bosch F. Information about drugs in the Spanish press (2007-2016): a quantitative content analysis. 18th Congress of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology; July, 1-6 2018; Kyoto

The Esteve Foundation was present once again at the most important international meeting in the field of pharmacology, the World Congress of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology, which in 2018, held its 18th edition from 1 to 6 July in Kyoto. The Esteve Foundation attended the congress to present three projects, among which is its collaboration… 2018

Debate on Cinema and Medicines

Films are the perfect vehicle to interpret our surroundings, and the world of medicines is no exception. The Societat Catalana de Farmacologia (Catalan Society of Pharmacology) presents the conference Cine y medicamentos (Cinema and Medicines), ?in which three leading pharmacologists will analyse the discipline from the perspective of three recent films in the history of… 2015

Diccionari de recerca clínica de medicaments (Dictionary of clinical medicine research)

Fifteen years of work, 200 pages, seven subject areas, almost 900 terms, 150 of of them standardized in Catalan. These are some of the figures concerning the Diccionari de recerca clínica de medicaments  (Dictionary of clinical medicine research), the work tool for clinical research experts, which was presented in Barcelona on 18 December 2014. The… 2014

La proyección social del medicamento

A society like ours, where drug self-consumption is increasing steadily, must analyze the relationship between these drugs and the population, as well as its possible consequences. Social pharmacology is the discipline that analyzes the impact of social and cultural factors on the use and effects of drug products. This is precisely the content of this… 2007

Reflexiones sobre la formación en investigación y desarrollo de medicamentos

Despite the enormous potential of the European Union for scientific innovation on account of its Science of Excellence and educational experience, the true fact is that the discovery of new drugs in the Old Continent has diminished over the past few years. Among other factors, this delay could be attributed to both a deceleration and lessened… 2007

Special collaboration: 1st one-day meeting on Drug R&D (2006)

The Esteve Foundation attended the first one-day meeting on Drug R&D Training held in Spain to present its training offering, including initiation seminars on how Clinical Research Ethics Committees operate, or more recent ones on how to give oral presentations in biomedicine. The meeting was held on 6 June 2006 in Santiago de Compostela, organized… 2006

Kinetics of drug action in disease states

Kinetics of drug action in diseases states is the fourth volume of Pharmacotherapy Revisited: an Esteve Foundation Series. Gerhard Levy, from the State University of New York in Buffalo, compiled 44 articles published in different journals of this specialty. These facsimile editions develop several aspects related to the kinetic study of drugs in experimental models… 2002