This training seminar aims to help students improve their skills in writing scientific English. Students will learn the principles underlying effective written communication in science and put them into practice in a relaxed atmosphere of open discussion and feedback.

ec-29-developing-skills-in-scientific-writing_portada  Notebook Developing skills in scientific writing

Courses accredited by the Consell Català de Formació Continuada de les Professions Sanitàries (Catalan Council for the Ongoing Training of Health Professions). Comisión de Formación Continuada del Sistema Nacional de Salud (Ongoing Training Commission of the National Health System) with 2.7 credits (09/022864-MD)



4th edition – Girona, May, 7-8 2015

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3rd edition – Barcelona, March, 6-7 2015

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2nd edition – Barcelona, February, 7-8 2014

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