“The aim of the foundation is to promote pharmacological research at the national and international level, through research plans, seminars, symposia, conferences, financial aid, publishing publications and other acts specific to research activity in this field”

Article 3 of the Statutes of the Foundation Dr. Antoni Esteve, 1982

The Foundation Dr. Antoni Esteve organizes activities and scientific publications to promote research in pharmacology.

Its areas of action are:

    • Basic pharmacology
      • Pharmacodynamics
      • Pharmacokinetics
      • Pharmacogenetics
      • Interactions
      • Toxicology
    • Pharmacology by systems
      • Clinical pharmacology
      • Research and pharmaceutical medicine
      • Clinical trials and pharmacovigilance
      • Adverse reactions and addictions
      • Clinical pharmacology by systems
      • Use of medicines in populations at risk
    • Social pharmacology
      • Communication between professionals
      • Prescription, compliance and therapeutic guidelines
      • Medicines and pharmacoeconomics
      • Ethical and legal aspects around the use and registration of medicines