To transmit the passion and to rouse a vocation for science among young people of a formative age. This is the aim of the workshops Ciencia per emportar (Take-away Science), an initiative carried out by researchers of the entity BIOcomuniCA?T in Catalan secondary schools, which the Esteve Foundation has decided to join along with the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology.

The project plans to widen basic scientific knowledge of secondary and A-level students and teachers. Young students are put into direct contact with biomedical and biotechnological scientists, so they can learn at first hand the most innovative concepts and scientific experiences.

The workshops will take place from November 2015 to March 2016 within school hours, reaching over 3,000 secondary school and A-level students. Genes, tissues and organs or Blood groups and genetics are some of the subjects offered to schools.

From 2016, BIOcomuniCA?T will offer a specific workshop on medicines, based on the book Els medicaments i jo. The initiative started on 2 November at the Virolai School of Barcelona.

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