For the first time, the Esteve Foundation training seminars have gone international. One of the courses in most demand from the training provided by this institution, How to write a scientific article, was held in Mexico in July 2015, celebrating two editions in the capital. The first will take place on 23 and 24 July, in collaboration with the Asociación Mexicana de Editores de Revistas Biomédicas (AMERBAC).

Two lecturers traveled to Mexico D.F. to offer two work sessions on the basic techniques and skills to correctly write articles for scientific journals. Esteve Fernández, director of the Tobacco Control unit of the Institut Català d’Oncologia and president of the Spanish Association of Epidemiology, was editor of the journal Gaceta Sanitaria for ten years. Fèlix Bosch, director of the Esteve Foundation, is a pharmacology teacher at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

The training seminar on How to write a scientific article started in 2003 with the aim of helping health science professionals to write and publish scientific articles, through participative dynamics and the combination of theoretical-practical presentations and exercises based on articles already published. “Writing” is still a nightmare for many researchers when conveying the results of their work. The development of writing skills for scientific articles is usually deferred to a type of informal and implicit learning in daily work.

The first edition of the course in Mexico took place at Nuevo Sanatorio Durango.