His career as professor, researcher and doctor has spanned just over 55 years.Marcus M. Reidenberg is professor emeritus of Pharmacology and Medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College and expert in essencial medines of the World Health Organization. He was in Barcelona to give a special session organized by the Esteve Foundation for students of the Master Degree in the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnological Industry of Universitat Pompeu Fabra. The conference Making essential medicines available for everybody took place on 13 October 2015 at 1 pm.

Marcus M. Reidenberg is author of the latest Pharmacotherapy Revisited, which compiles in facsimile the key articles in treating infectious diseases. However, his collaboration with the Esteve Foundation goes back almost to the start of this non-profit institution, when he moderated the first international symposium in 1984, Drug-protein binding. In 1995, he organized and moderated an international workshop on the list of essential medicines of the WHO, and another in 2002 for reviewers of scientific journals together with his wife, June W. Reidenberg. They both form part of the editorial team of the journal Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics.