A non-profit, internationally focused institution with the primary goal of fostering progress in pharmacotherapy


The Esteve Foundation was established in 1983 with the primary goal of fostering progress in pharmacotherapy by ways of scientific communication and discussion.

The Esteve Foundation organizes international multidisciplinary meetings where small groups of investigators discuss the results of their works. These discussions are gathered in the Esteve Foundation Symposia collection. Other Esteve Foundation activities include the organization of round tables with the participation of Spanish investigators -the contents of which is gathered in the Dr. Antonio Esteve Monographs – as well as other means to support medical, pharmaceutical and biological sciences, such as Research Awards granted on a biennial basis.

Among other publications, the series Pharmacotherapy Revisited: An Esteve Foundation Series outstands for a number of volumes containing the facsimile-edited compilation of the main articles that provided the basis for one given discipline. More recently, the publication of the Esteve Foundation Notebooks has been initiated.

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