Los misterios del sistema inmunitario. Cómo protege nuestro cuerpo

After the success of the Catalan version, of which 3,000 copies have been distributed free of charge in libraries and education centres, the Esteve Foundation and the Spanish Society for Immunology is now publishing the Spanish version of the international book, Your amazing? immune system. How it protects your body, which seeks to bring immunology closer…


Interview with Xavier Luria

He was head of Safety and Efficacy of Medicines at the European Agency of Medicines for almost seven years, and he is an internationally recognized expert in the clinical development of drugs. Now he is back in Barcelona, we have taken the opportunity to speak to him about scientific development and to learn about his…


Dotze dones en la biomedicina del segle XX

Después de publicar la serie Doce mujeres en la biomedicina del siglo XX en Annals de Medicina, la revista de la Acadèmia de Ciències Mèdiques i de la Salut de Catalunya i de Balears, la Fundación Dr. Antonio comienza la distribución del cuaderno homónimo en catalán (y cuya edición en castellano también está disponible en…


Ferré S, Casadó V, Devi L, Filizola M, Jockers R, Lohse M, Milligan G, Pin JP, Guitart X. G Protein?Coupled Receptor Oligomerization Revisited: Functional and Pharmacological Perspectives. Pharmacol Rev. 2014; 66:413?434[Camp rebut correctament i traduit]

Los participantes en el Esteve Foundation Discussion Group sobre los heterómeros de receptores acaban de publicar en la prestigiosa revista Pharmacological Reviews una revisión con los puntos que se debatieron durante las jornadas de trabajo sobre la oligomerización de receptores acoplados a proteína G (GPCR), una línea de investigación cuyo potencial terapéutico se sigue explorando.…


The origins and shaping of modern anti-infective therapy

The germ theory of disease was initiated in the 19th century by Louis Pasteur. Lord Lister promoted the idea of antisepsis while Semmelweis focused on hand washing identifying the spread of infection by objects (in this case contaminated hands) moving from infected patient to uninfected ones. This gave the conceptual basis for infectious disease and its management and set the stage for development of modern anti-infective therapy, one of the major medical advances of the 20th century.


A science education project: the translation into Catalan and publication of the book Your Amazing Immune System – How it Protects Your Body

Despite the importance of immunology and immune system function for understanding how the human body deals with infection, little has been done to educate the general public about these subjects. For this reason, in 2010 the Esteve Foundation collaborated with the Societat Catalana d’Immunologia (SCI, Catalan Immunology Society) and the European Federation of Immunological Societies…