The Esteve Foundation is collaborating for the first time with the Universidad Internacional Ménendez Pelayo in this workshop on medical translation. It is directed by Pablo Mugüerza, graduated in medicine and author of Manual de traducción inglés-español de protocolos de ensayos clínicos. The workshop Theory and practice of medical translation EN>ES is part of the academic programme of the Santander university campus and will take place from 16 to 20 June 2014.

With a combination of theory and practical contents, the workshop is addressed to graduates or professional translators, with an intermediate to high level of English, who wish to come into contact with medical translation. Therefore, the five sessions of the programme will approach subjects from the theory of medical translations to basic disciplines from the point of view of the translator, through practical cases of medical translation, such as clinical trial protocols, text books, prospectuses, etc. Examples will be analyzed and translated in class.


Monday 16
10 am / Introduction: medical and paramedical translation. The basic rules for medical translators.

11.30 am / Anatomy for medical translators 

3.30 pm / Practical I

Tuesday 17
10 am / Tools for medical translators 

11.30 am / Physiology for medical translators 

3.30 pm / Practicals II

Wednesday 18
10 am / Types of documents in medical translation

11.30 am / Physiology for medical translators II

3.30 pm / Practicals III

Thursday 19
10 am / Quality management in medical translation

11.30 am / Internal medicine for medical translators

3.30 pm / Practicals IV

Friday 20
10 am / Essential medical vocabulary for medical translators

11.30 am / Statistics, Electrocardiography and other matters concerning medical translation.


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