8th edition – Madrid, February, 5-6 2014

If standing up and speaking in front of an audience is a source of anxiety, the stress is heightened even more when the official language of the conference, meeting or congress is English. On the 5th and 6th of February 2014, the Esteve Foundation organized in Madrid with the Spanish Society of Pathology the eighth… 2014

28th edition – Madrid, January, 24-25 2014

The 28th edition of these training seminars to provide the basic skills and techniques to write and publish scientific articles in health sciences was held on January 24-25 2014 at the Hospital Ramón y Cajal of Madrid. Esteve Fernandez, editor of Gaceta Sanitaria from 2004 to 2010, and Ana Maria Garcia, editor of Archivos de… 2014

How to draw up a research project in health sciences

If drawing up a research project to obtain funds used to be an important part in the career of all scientists, in view of today's economical situation, this process has become essential. The Esteve Foundation and the Universidad de Alicante therefore decided to organize a new course addressed to future health science researchers, to learn… 2013

4th edition – Barcelona, December, 9-10 2013

Biomedical professionals need to be able to communicate effectively in writing and in speaking. However, most professionals receive little specific training in communication skills. Science is an international endeavor, and English is the lingua franca of the international scientific community. Although Spanish biomedical professionals invest heavily in learning English, they often lack the skills in… 2013

A science education project: the translation into Catalan and publication of the book Your Amazing Immune System – How it Protects Your Body

Despite the importance of immunology and immune system function for understanding how the human body deals with infection, little has been done to educate the general public about these subjects. For this reason, in 2010 the Esteve Foundation collaborated with the Societat Catalana d'Immunologia (SCI, Catalan Immunology Society) and the European Federation of Immunological Societies… 2013

3rd edition – Madrid, 5-6, November 2013

The various debates organized by the Esteve Foundation between scientists and journalists always highlighted one weakness in science journalism: lack of communication between both parties. The range of specialized courses in science for journalists is extensive, however, we cannot say that the reverse is true. Medical personnel from both the field of research and the… 2013

El científico ante los medios de comunicación. Retos y herramientas para una cooperación fructífera

Full document Full PDF [wpdm id=1202 type="btn"] Chapters Presentación P. Morales [wpdm id=1203 type="btn"] Participantes [wpdm id=1204 type="btn"] 1. Protagonistas y públicos de la comunicación científica V. de Semir [wpdm id=1205 type="btn"] 2. Periodismo científico: el desafío de compartir «información asombrosa» P. Jáuregui [wpdm id=1206 type="btn"] 3. Ciencia y periodismo en la red P. Fernández…