The importance of language in the biosanitary environment

The role of language in health science is of utmost importance in the everyday work of health professionals, and deserves much more attention than it usually receives. Hence, in this new monograph of the Esteve Foundation, 14 experts address the different fields of health in which language plays a decisive role. Communication between research colleagues,… 2014

Nuevas perspectivas en inmunoterapia

Stimulating the immune system for therapeutic purposes has become one of modern medicine’s most important challenges. The possibilities offered by immunotherapy are wide ranging, from the treatment of cancers and other diseases to the prevention of infections such as HIV or malaria. In a new Esteve Foundation Monograph, eleven experts from different fields and institutions… 2012

Atención al paciente oncológico desde la perspectiva de enfermería

Although cancer is a priority in scientific forums and meetings, the issue has rarely been addressed from the perspective of one of the groups most involved in cancer patient care, nurses. This new monograph by the Esteve Foundation reflects the experience of different health professionals in the treatment of cancer patient, focusing primarily on the… 2010

Aportaciones de los estudios funcionales a la investigación farmacológica básica

Full document Full PDF A. Badia [wpdm id=1140 type="btn"] Chapters Introducción A. Badia [wpdm id=1141 type="btn"] 1. Nuevos métodos funcionales para el estudio de la interacción fármaco-receptor M.D. Ivorra y P. D’Ocón [wpdm id=1142 type="btn"] 2. Actividad vasodilatadora del trans-resveratrol en la aorta torácica aislada de rata: una clara evidencia de sus efectos cardioprotectores F.… 2008

La proyección social del medicamento

A society like ours, where drug self-consumption is increasing steadily, must analyze the relationship between these drugs and the population, as well as its possible consequences. Social pharmacology is the discipline that analyzes the impact of social and cultural factors on the use and effects of drug products. This is precisely the content of this… 2007

La investigación en un entorno asistencial. Algunas reflexiones y ejemplos

The problems and lacks encountered daily by professional researchers are many. Accordingly, convincing the new generations of physicians to combine healthcare activities with research duties seems to be no easy task. However, the Esteve Foundation organized a round table in July 2004 where physicians with years of combining basic research and clinical practice were to… 2005

Aspectos básicos y clínicos sobre la neurobiología de la adicción

This Dr. Antonio Esteve’s Monograph results from the round table held in the month of February at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Edited by Carmen de Felipe, from the Neuroscience Institute of the University Miguel Hernández of Alicante, this work gathers twelve articles on the neurobiology of addiction, corresponding to the submissions of twelve Spanish… 2003

Ensayos clínicos en intervenciones no farmacológicas

Number 30 of Dr. Antonio Esteve’s Monographs results from the round table held on May 24, 2000 in Bellaterra and dealing with clinical trials in non-pharmacological interventions. Edited by Xavier Bonfill, from the Service of Clinical Epidemiology and Public Health of the Hospital de Sant Pau, this monograph gathers all the contributions, discussions and conclusions… 2001