Ibáñez C. Una fundación, una artista. 2008

A foundation, an artist is a collection of original engravings by Concha Ibáñez, created on the occasion of the different activities of the Esteve Foundation during its first 25 years. INTERVIEW TO CONCHA IBÁÑEZ (19 December 2007) Born in Canet de Mar (Barcelona), this engraving artist studied at La Lonja and at Barcelona’s Academy of… 2008

Morales P, Bosch F. Hechos históricos de las sulfamidas divulgados por la prensa: el caso de ‘The New York Times’. Medicina Clínica 2007; 128:660-664

Sulphamides, the first drugs to be effective against a number of infectious diseases, arrived in the thirties to revolutionize the treatment of these conditions, until then highly fatal. This article, published in the journal Medicina Clínica, describes these drugs by way of pieces of information published throughout their history. This work compiles some of the… 2007

De Boer, A. XI Esteve Foundation Symposium. Nuevas oportunidades en el tratamiento de las enfermedades del sistema nervioso central. Actualidad en Farmacología y Terapéutica 2005; 3:133-135

This is a summary of the Esteve Foundation's 11th symposium Drug transport(ers) and the diseased brain published in the spanish journal Actualidad en Farmacología y Terapéutica. Albert G. de Boer, from Division of Pharmacology of the Leiden-Amsterdam Center for Drug Research, chaired this symposium and is the author of this paper. 2005

Bosch F, Morales P. Necesidades formativas de los miembros de Comités Éticos de Investigación Clínica. ICB Digital 2005; 37:2-5

This article, published in the electronic journal ICB Digital, gathers the results of surveys performed with students attending initiation seminars on how Clinical Research Ethics Committees (CREC) operate, organized by the Esteve Foundation since 2001. These courses have been held throughout Spain on six occasions, and have led to different conclusions. One issue is identifying… 2005