The visibility of Spanish female scientists

Male scientific sources quoted by the Spanish press triple the number of female sources: this is one of the conclusions of the studyThe visibility of Spanish female scientists, prepared by the Grupo de Estudios Avanzados de Comunicación (GEAC) - Group of Advanced Communication Studies - ofUniversidad Rey Juan Carlos, which has just been published by… 2018

Medicine in Television Series

What do medical professionals think of TV series depicting their discipline? Eighteen authors analyze series such as House M.D., CSI, Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead from the viewpoint of their field of study. They do so in Medicine in Television Series, published by the Dr. Antonio Esteve Foundation, based in Barcelona. The book is… 2017

Philanthropy in research and innovation in biosciences

In our country, philanthropy is taking on more importance in the field of research, similarly to our environment, where it is the first beneficiary of donations, maintaining strong growth. In countries such as France and Italy, philanthropy represents between 2 and 3% of total income of research, with 600 and 930 M€. In the United… 2017

El cómic como recurso didáctico en los estudios de Medicina

Although this tool is practically unknown in our country, comic has been used for years overseas, as a teaching resource in Medical studies. Prestigious centres like Johns Hopkins University of Baltimore, in the United States, have not only used it for a long time in their medical schools, but even organize international congresses on comic.… 2016